Friday, March 27, 2015

Measuring Spuds–Day 2

This morning a new child measured our three designated potato plants to see if they grew overnight.  And if they did, how much?
                                      Plant #1 grew 3 cubes.

                                     Plant #2 only grew 2 1/2 cubes.

                               Plant #3 grew just two cubes. 

IMG_4860For a total of 6 cubes tall.

This was an awesome and fun math activity.  Next time, so more children could take part, I would give them a plant of their own to measure and track.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to continue as today was our last day before Spring Break and I added the rest of the soil. 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Measuring our Spuds

Our potatoes sprouted just over a week ago and we have been hilling them
                                           as they grow.
   This morning I set up an opportunity to measure using unifix cubes.
 IMG_4783 IMG_4784IMG_4786
After adding the last block he spent a bit of time moving the tower back and forth as if he was trying to decide if it was the right height.  We talked about the height, was it too tall or just right?  If only we had a half block.
After deciding he had enough blocks he traced the tower on to the paper then counted how many.  We did pretend that the top block was just a half and recorded it that way.
He measured all three plants that I had labelled and graphed them.  We will measure again tomorrow to see if there is any difference in one day.
   I purposefully chose three different sized plant for measuring.
                       Will the plants catch up in height?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Fizzing Rainbows

I saw this great idea over at Fun-a-Day and felt that it would be a great
                      activity to do with our big buddies.
I spent part of an afternoon helping the grade 7s make the rainbow cubes.
The recipe calls for baking soda, jello powder and water.  We hid pony beads, matching the colour of the jello, in each cube.  Once all the trays were full they went in to the freezer.
Each buddy group had a tray, a baggie of the rainbow cubes, a bottle of vinegar, eye droppers and pipe cleaners.
They took turns squirting the vinegar onto the cubes and watching the reaction.
                The jello powder provides the rainbow bright colours. 
When we were making the cubes we could really smell the fragrances of the jello. 
            But once we used the vinegar that was all we could smell.
We caught a few buddy partners listening to the fizzing sound of the cubes.
  As the cubes started to dissolve the children started to see the beads.
They carefully picked them out and set them aside till they had two of each
         They then took their beads and threaded them on to the pipe cleaners
                           making bracelets, one for each buddy.
                  From fizzing rainbows to beaded buddy bracelets!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

A Math Song

                      One Leprechaun went out to play
                   Over the rainbow on St. Patrick’s Day
                    Golden coins fell, clink, clink, clink
                     How many coins fell, do you think?
This is a number guessing game.  We took turns dropping the coins and guessing how many fell.  The lower number groups were easier to guess but as the amount of coins grew the children still guessed either small numbers or really big numbers.

Here’s a video after we did the song a few times.

 Sometimes I feel like I'm alone with the children at circle time.  I have a few parents that will always sing and I thank them for being wonderful role models for their children.  This video shows one example of how I encouraged the grown ups to take part.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Rolling Oats

Colleen, another facilitator in our district, told me about a set of food kits at our Learning Resource Centre.  In the past I’ve borrowed the ice cream maker kit when we made fresh ice cream.  I also borrowed the pasta maker but was a bit intimidated to try it.
                              This time I got the Grains kit. 
It has two grinders; one for seeds, like poppy or flax and the other is for rolling oats.
                   This is the oats roller.  It clips on to the table. 
            It has two steel wheels that the whole oats slip through.
                     Here are the oats before and after rolling them.
                 We rolled enough oats to make apple oatmeal. 
It was rewarding to learn how oats are rolled and be able to use them to cook a delicious snack.

Colleen has offered to give me a lesson on making pasta sometime.  I’m looking forward to that.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Experimenting with Colours

     A week ago I shared a post about painting daffodils at a table with
                       small easels made from pizza boxes.
    Last Friday was the beginning of changing the daffodils to carnations.  
          We started by doing the carnation colour changing experiment.
   The children added colour dye to bottles of water, sometimes having to
                                mix two colours to make a new one.
        They each added a flower to their bottle and we talked about our
                            predictions of what might happen.

Monday morning the families arrived to see our daffodils and tulips moved off our painting table and in their place were the carnations.  We noticed, right away, how the white carnations now had colour around the edges of the petals.
This week most of the children understood that the flowers in the middle of
                           the table were there as a subject to paint.
I also changed the paints to watercolours.  I noticed that the children enjoyed using the small paint palette to mix the colours.  Some learned that the more water they used, on the paint, the darker the colour would be on the paper.
   Some came to the table with a different subject in mind and with focus
                        was able to paint it on the paper.