Thursday, April 27, 2017

Cooking with Cauliflower

This week we made Cauliflower Bread for our snack.
Costco sells cauliflower already chopped which made it easier to work with the children.
I found the recipe at ifoodreal.
First you bake the cauliflower at 375 for 20 minutes.
When you take it out turn your oven up to 450 for the next step of baking to come.
Place a tea towel over a bowl and scoop all the baked cauliflower into it.
It is still hot so let it cool a bit.
I did this part myself while the children watched me magically
make water come out.
Once you have most of the liquid squeezed out place it in a bowl.
I had saved some of the original cauliflower and we did a comparison.
Next add 1/4 cup of egg whites,
and a half cup of cheese.
Sprinkle in a teaspoon of italian herbs and some pepper.
Cover a baking sheet with parchment paper and
flatten it out.
Put it in the oven (at 450F) for 18 minutes.
Remove and sprinkle on another 1/2 cup of cheese.
Finish baking another 5 minutes.
Put it under the broiler till golden brown.
All that is left is to cut and eat.
Most of the children tried it and liked it.
I think because of the cheesy flavour.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Visiting a Garden Centre

This week we visited one of our local garden centres.
I visited last week and took some pictures so I could create a scavenger hunt.
As the children arrived they picked up a clip board and started touring
the green houses looking for the items that matched the images.
By providing a do it yourself scavenger hunt the families
didn't have to worry to show up at the same time.
Many of the children stopped to enjoy this water feature.
It made a nice sound.
After they finished the hunt they headed to the hedge maze.
There they found some instructions and a basket with blank booklets.
Throughout the maze I hung pictures, ink pad and a stamp.
They were meant to help the families find their way through.
I put them at intersections like arrows.
When they found a picture they took out the stamp and ink pad
and stamped their booklet.
When their booklet was full then they made it to the middle of the maze.
It was an achievement to make it through and then climb the platform 
to look at the whole maze.
Once everyone made it through the maze we enjoyed a snack and story.
I set up the snack area under the platform because the weather
was uncertain if it was going to rain or not.
But as we finished our story and started to sing some songs the sun came out.
If you have a chance to visit Paradise Garden Plant Centre, take
some time to go through the maze
it is a lot of fun.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Baby Spiders

I was so excited this morning when I discovered baby spiders
had just hatched in our classroom.
The egg sac must have been in our pot of dirt because
the spiderlings were coming from it.
It's so exciting to have real life science happen before our eyes so
I quickly set up an area around it for families to get a closer look.
As the morning progressed the baby spiders migrated up the wall.
The question "Where are they going?" was heard over and over.
It prompted me to put up a sheet of paper to document
the children's observations.
As the children watched they noticed a bigger spider and thought it was 
the mother.
But as we watched it we noticed it caught one of the little
spiders and quickly took it to a small hole in the window frame.
It did that over and over.
I don't think it was the mother.
Some families took advantage of the books provided to learn a bit more about spiders.
All morning as new families arrived they were invited
to check on the spiderlings to see how far they had moved.
We opened the window in hopes that they would make their way outside.
This afternoon before I went home I checked them one more time.
The spiderlings that were left were bundling into a group.
I wonder if there will be any left tomorrow.